Oru Adaar Love Movie Review : The viral disaster

On the off chance that you are one of those folks who need to watch Oru Adaar Love due to Priya Varrier’s wink, here’s an expression of alert – kindly don’t squander cash. This is the account of a cluster of secondary school young men endeavoring to “right” young ladies around them. On the off chance that one person needs to “right” his cohort, the other one needs to “right” his science instructor. He supposes it is alright to call her during the evening and ask “questions”— that too from a part she hasn’t shown the understudies. In another scene, he asks a similar instructor, “Kuzhi-la namma rendu perum serndhu chedi nadalaama?” (Shall we plant this together in debt). She is too credulous to even consider understanding the importance, I presume.

(Priya Varrier) has not a lot to do in the film aside from playing a lady in trouble who gets desirous when (Roshan Abdul Rahoof) hits on another young lady, Gadha (Noorin Shareef). First Roshan discovers Priya alluring and succumbs to her. Next Roshan discovers Gadha progressively appealing and charms her. In reality, Roshan is somebody who likes ladies all in all. Here he loves Gadha somewhat more than he enjoys Priya. The disaster is Roshan supposes he is ‘infatuated’— while he isn’t. He is heedless, confounded and devoured by affection, similar to some other normal youngster depicted in movies. Roshan thinks his sole reason forever is to get a sweetheart. Roshan kisses Priya. Why? He supposes she winked at him since she ‘adored’ him.



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