Fancy Dress Malayalam Movie Review

Extravagant Dress imprints Guinness Pakru’s lady invasion into creation; he co-composed his story with chief Ranjith Skaria. While you value the way that the droll humorist has come this far, he doesn’t figure out how to give us a drawing in understanding.

Guinness Pakru and Hareesh Kanaran are law breakers who get by with picking pockets and selling ganja in Goa. Mafia man, Gabriel, played by Tamil on-screen character Bala, extends to them an employment opportunity that could change their fortunes, and the pair take off to Kochi. Most of the principal half is set in a gated network, concentrating on the tricks of the inhabitants there. Pakru and Hareesh get into the neighborhood under the pretense of being a piece of a play school there. We are left hanging for a really long time without having the story advance.

Shwetha Menon and Kalabhavan Shajohn are a couple dwelling there and the stealing team are centered around them. When the story disentangles in the subsequent half, we have nearly lost enthusiasm for the film. Also, the satire is dainty on the ground.

The parts with Shwetha Menon is very powerful and she assumes her job great. The principle two characters are alright in their jobs. Sowmya is charming in her little part. In any case, the film doesn’t have much putting it all on the line.

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