Luca movie reviewed :- Tovino Thomas, Ahana

Luca (Tovino Thomas) is happy, creative and charming. While acquainting his home with Niharika (Ahaana Krishna), when she grumbles about the chaos, he answers, “Ee alongolathinum oru alankaramundu (this wreckage is enriching)”. The film is much the same as Luca’s reaction, a wonderful wreckage. A serious romantic tale which will take you to a fantasy land, leave you flopping and afterward wake you up with a shock.

Debutant Arun Bose’s film Luca tells the story of star-crossed sweethearts Luca and Niharika who meet coincidentally during Biennale, become companions and rapidly interfaces. Their mysterious love in a profoundly imaginative land which is loaded up with workmanship and creative components leave you in wonder. The science and the communication among Luca and Niharika are so extreme and connecting with that you will in general live alongside them for some time.adorable. He easily plays the sentimental Superman like no one else in Malayalam film. Ahaana just mixes with his appeal and gives her best up until this point. The team makes you chuckle and cry with their astounding story. Be that as it may, at that point comes the examination official and the group who is by all accounts exceptionally mechanical.

The shading tone and the craftsmanship heading of the motion picture, by Anees Nadodi are exemplary. Cinematography by Nimish Ravi that has utilized too numerous extraordinary close ups drew out the interface among Luca and Niharika well. Nonetheless, that likewise uncovered the defects of different on-screen characters as they bombed in exhibiting minor articulations. Music executive Sooraj S Kurup, who has likewise completed a significant job in the film, displays a fascinating cluster of music that adds flavor to the sentimental adventure. Yet, Arun Bose in his strikingly created endeavor capitulates to the pitifully sewed content.

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