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Anchakkallakokkan Movie Review:- One police station is the setting for the last thirty minutes of the movie Anchakkallakokkan (thank goodness I’m not reviewing it). There is a lot of violence going on there. The point of Ullas Chemban might be to show how a character changes after something big happens in their life. But the movie’s writing is terrible; it makes some characters seem very generic, and when one of the main characters changes, you won’t feel the dramatic high that Ullas and co-writer Vikil Venu may have had in mind.

Anchakkallakokkan Movie Review

The event at Thankamani is mentioned in the movie, which means the story takes place in 1986. A well-known man named Chaapra was killed, and since the elections are coming up soon, there is a lot of pressure on the cops to catch the people who did it. At that very moment, a new police officer called Vasudevan started working at that station. The inexperienced officer had a very rough first few days, and his boss, Nadavaramban, was the only person who was kind to him. This movie shows what happens in that town after Chaapra is killed.

On paper, it sounds great to make various tracks for Vasudevan, the kids of Chaapra, Padmini, and Shankaran. That way, when it all comes together, it will feel like a showdown. But the execution isn’t working well because the writing isn’t very good; for example, the Padmini track doesn’t seem important. Even though there is killing in the last act of the movie, everything else is very easy to guess except for when the sons of Chaapra show up. It was almost like we were waiting for that to happen as an audience. In some way, I thought that the ending would have been more surprising if Vasudevan’s role had been played by a different actor.

Chamban Vinod plays the cool cop Nadavaramban, and he does a great job and stays true to his style. The character’s change seems pretty minor at the end of the movie, and Chemban keeps it that way. This character that Lukman Avaran plays doesn’t like violence, and there is enough information in his past to show why he is that way. It also comes in two shades, and I thought the higher pitches of both of them looked a bit too lively. A lot of important people in the movie, like Megha Thomas, Sreejith Ravi, Senthil Krishna, and others, play important parts.

Anchakkallakokkan Cast and Performance

Ullas Chemban has used this method of showing the same event from different points of view several times in the movie. This shows that he understands how simple the idea is. The story doesn’t really “wow” you; they’re mostly trying to do that with how the scenes are set up. Like I said, though, when they try to pull off this big violent set piece in the police station at the end, they may really be trying, but we can see where it’s going. There’s also the big problem that you won’t really care about any of the personalities. But the writing just couldn’t make the climax more emotional. The story of Vasudevan’s childhood, Shankaran’s daughter, and what happened to Padmini’s husband were all meant to work together to do that.

By adding different people with different pasts, Anchakkallakokkan has tried to give a very simple revenge story a more complex feel. But none of these stories are deep enough to connect with the audience on an emotional level. Because of this, the gore fest at the end feels more like an attempt to hide how poorly the movie was written.


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