Thankamani Movie Review | An Nintees Serial of Malayalam

Thankamani Movie Review:- Ratheesh Raghunandan’s second movie, Thankamani, has language that made me wonder if the last hit movie he saw came out more than ten years ago. It would be rude to say that Thankamani is out of date when there were good films being made at the time. This over-the-top revenge drama is full of tired tropes, and the main event doesn’t really add anything to the story. The filmmakers clearly don’t care about how their audience has changed over time, as evidenced by the frequent facepalms.

Thankamani Movie Review | An Nintees Serial of Malayalam

At the beginning of the story, a communist party leader from Idukki is killed, and the cops have no idea who did it or why. Arpitha, the commissioner of the city police, is in charge of the probe. Some of the clues point to a possible link between this murder and another murder that happened in Thankamani, Idukki, in 1986. In Thankamani, we follow Arpitha’s search for a link between these crimes in order to find the killer.

People know about the terrible police abuse in Thankamani in 1986, which even brought down the government of K Karunakaran. You can easily guess how the story is put together if you watch the trailer for Thankamani. A lot of innocent people are tortured by the police after the Thankamani incident. Years later, one of those people chooses to get back at the police for what they did. To be honest, that felt very flat on its own. The movie, on the other hand, doesn’t spend much time on the real event. Just to make things interesting for our hero, Ratheesh Raghunandan added a new case. The Thankamani event is only used as a starting point. The hero says “not just my life, but also the whole village” a lot in Ratheesh’s movie to live up to the title.

Dileep in Thankamani Movie

When it comes to the acts, Dileep as this young man and this old man in those clothes and makeup is really hard to accept. And the star is having a hard time showing swagger and emotional high. I couldn’t help but laugh when the character says his name, “Abel Joshua Maathan,” in a heroic way. The flow is just off. Neeta Pillai, who is very skilled, is turned into a whiny character. The only good thing I can say about her is that I hope someone gives her a romantic role because most of her roles have been stubborn, tough characters. As the investigating officer, Pranitha Subash does terrible acting because she shows a lot of dramatic feelings in every scene. The bad guy played by John Vijay is straight out of an 80s movie. It sounds like Manoj K. Jayan is the main bad guy, but the movie doesn’t spend much time on him. The movie has a large cast, and many of the stars play loud, dramatic roles that will make you wonder if you are watching a daily soap opera.

Ratheesh Raghunandan was able to make Udal within the limits of COVID because it was in a form that wasn’t used much in Malayalam at the time. But when it comes to Thankamani, his work is being shown to be too general. The script is pretty easy to understand, and as I already said, the main event of the story takes place in the background. This movie is also guilty of the overt whitewashing that has been seen in Dileep films. There is no doubt that the police were very rough with the people of Thankamani that night. In this movie, the main character says he is innocent and that the police made up a fake case against him that cost him a lot of time and money. Raghunandan changes the story and blames the opposition for taking advantage of the government’s failure instead of criticising the ruling party for not being effective.

Frames of this movie

Manoj Pillai’s photography is pretty flat in most places, and the lighting gives even the dramatic parts an old-fashioned staged feel. So many standard close-ups make the frames look like they don’t stand out. Also, the way the traumatic experience of the people of Thankamani has been shown is forgettable because the size isn’t shown well. The editing is all over the place, especially during the stunts, and the KGF blackout tests in the scene where Abel pulls the sheet over his jeep looked like they were done by a beginner and were not well thought out. Not very interesting music, and the fights were not as exciting as one would expect.

It is certainly reasonable to want to see a movie about one of the worst abuses of power by the Kerala police. Thankamani, on the other hand, is just a weak excuse for a boring, over-the-top revenge story that tries to make its lead actor look good. If you want to know what really happened in Thankamani, the story of Vallathoru Kadha by Babu Ramachandran is more interesting than the movie. This Dileep movie might be good for you if you want to see a made-up version of Chandanamazha with less Thankamani and more theatrics.

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